• Budget Overview for 2015-16

Adopted Budget

Draft Budget

  • The Superintendent's Proposed Draft 2015-16, including an Executive Summary and District Profile. Submitted March 23, 2015 to the Board of Education.
    Dr. Bolgen Vargas' presentation of the Draft Budget Proposal to the Rochester Board of Education on March 23, 2015.

Planning Process

  • A summary of the 2015-16 RCSD budget input process and an overview of feedback received through active engagement of parents, students, principals, teachers, and other key stakeholders in our community. Released March 2015 by Chief Financial officer, William Ansbrow.   
    Superintendent Bolgen Vargas' testimony to the Education and Finance committees of the New York State Legislature. Presented February 3, 2015.
    An overview for East High School for 2015-16, developed jointly by the University of Rochester and RCSD Finance staff. Presented to the Rochester Board of Education on January 29, 2015.  
    This presentation was shared with the community during the series of Public Open Houses for the 2015-16 Budget Process. As presented January 26, 2015 to the Parent Advisory Council.
    This overview was presented to the Rochester Board of Education, outlining the upcoming budget process for 2015-16 and a forecast based on Governor Cuomo's January 21 Budget Proposal.  Presented January 22, 2015.
    This overview was presented by Superintendent Vargas to the Rochester Board of Education, outlining priorities for the upcoming process for 2015-16. Presented December 18, 2014.