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Our Plan

  • In today’s educational landscape, the lines between instruction and technology continue to narrow. Most activities students encounter during their school day have some connection or dependency on technology. Curriculum is accessible digitally; teachers deliver instruction using interactive displays or through online virtual classrooms; students submit homework electronically; students are assessed via online testing; the internet is used continuously for research; school facilities must have wireless capacity to accommodate the growing number of mobile devices used in our buildings and even classroom spaces are shifting towards open, flexible designs. Teachers remain connected with their students after the school day ends through Learning Management Systems or cloud-based collaborative environments.

    At the Rochester City School District, we remain focused on meeting these requirements through the implementation of technology-rich educational opportunities that will both keep our students engaged and allow them to take ownership of their learning.      

    IM&T’s technology plans will continue to focus on implementing technology and infrastructure that will provide enhanced learning opportunities for our students.