• Welcome to the RCSD e-mail migration assistance website. IM&T is currently moving from our in-house Microsoft Exchange environment to Microsoft's Office 365 hosted environment. Some important information about your newly migrated account:
    • Webmail is now accessible directly through portal.office.com .  Your login will be your email address with your normal RCSD password
    • Your mailbox size limit is now 50GB
    • "Online Archive" will be enabled on your account. This is an additional 100GB of space where messages older than 2 years will be moved to. It automatically recreates the folder structure of where messages were saved in your mailbox so you can find easily find them in the appropriate folder. 
    • Items deleted from your "Deleted Items" folder can be recovered through Outlook for up to 30 days with the "Recover Deleted Items" feature
    When your account is migrated your devices will need to be reconfigured to access district email. We have created some walkthroughs to help you through this process: