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    Trait of the Month: Compassion/Compasion

    The sun is setting and it's getting chilly, but Bear is not home and his friends are wondering if Bear has lost his way.

    Well friends don't let friends stay lost, so out into the cold march all the usual suspects. Wren, Owl and Raven take to the skies while Badger, Mole, and Mouse search on the ground. Pretty soon Bear is found, and once he's back in his cave, he feels quite safe with his friends all around.

    bear feels scared  

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  •  December 2017

    Welcome to James PB Duffy, School #12!


    Seasons’ Greetings School 12 Family!

     It is a busy time of year for all.  We are embracing winter and the beauty of this season. Our academic focus for December and January is taking on a growth mindset!  We are focused on providing feedback that helps children to learn that mistakes are “learning” and that effort and perseverance matter.   In mathematics classes, students will be receiving feedback that is targeted to the skill they are learning, and that challenges them to reflect on their thinking process.  Getting the answer “right” is less important than understanding the reasoning behind their “attempt.”  Feedback has been cited in research as one of the most influential impacts on student learning (Hattie, 2008)

    Feedback tips:

    -Offer feedback after the attempt to solve the problem

    -Frame the feedback in the form of a question or curious stance- “How did you come up with that answer? Do you think that there is more than one way to approach this problem?”

    -Ensure feedback is specific and phrased in language that students understand

    With these tips in mind as you support students with their homework, consider how you can use feedback at home to promote a growth mindset!

    I hope to see many families and friends at our upcoming winter concert and family ice skating events.

    May the joys of this season be upon you, and know that our community is here for your family.  Please contact the school at any time if you would like assistance or to reach a member of our team.

    Dr. Gkourlias


    En esta temporada de ofrecer gratitud, quiero agradecer al PTA su apoyo a nuestros programas escolares este año. Este año, nuestros eventos han tenido una asistencia excepcional, y la calidad de nuestra escuela se mide por la forma en que las familias se relacionan con la escuela. En el Día de Llevar a su Papá a la Escuela, discutimos cómo promover una mentalidad de crecimiento en los alumnos a través de elogios específicos. Esto se relacionará con los talleres de maestros que se llevarán a cabo este invierno en los que discutiremos comentarios positivos para ayudar a los estudiantes a pensar de manera positiva y competente.
    3 Consejos para promover una mentalidad de crecimiento:
    • Elogie el esfuerzo, no el talento. Intenten elogios como, "Trabajaste tan duro en esto. ¿Cómo te sientes acerca de tu esfuerzo?”
    • Aliente los intentos múltiples, el poder de "¡aún NO!" Cuando los niños se desaniman, intente declaraciones como "Puedes hacerlo". Solo tenemos que intentarlo de otra manera. Llegarás a lograrlo."
    • Aceptar errores como oportunidades de aprendizaje. "Está bien no ser perfecto todo el tiempo. ¡Qué aprendiste de esa experiencia! "
    Trabajaremos para promover la mentalidad de crecimiento específicamente en nuestros salones de matemáticas este invierno.
    Espero ver a todos en nuestro “Showcase” de aprendizaje de otoño el 29/11/17 mientras mostramos nuestros trabajos de nuestra iniciativa de aprendizaje basada en proyectos.
    Gracias por su apoyo continuo,
    Dr. Gkourlias








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