• Dear parents and guardians of AMDA12 scholars,



    Our first day of school always holds challenges that staff, administrators, and families encounter. It is our duty to ensure that all of our scholars and families are treated with respect and dignity and are, at all times, safe. Upon starting this school year, we informed all families of our new pickup system for your children to remain safe and for us to maintain an easy, hands-free format for pickup. We recognize that our first day of completing this system came with a lot of questions, concerns, and confusion. It is our hope that we can alleviate your concerns and support your understanding of how our pickup procedure works. Please read through our step by step QR code guide to build your understanding of our new method.


    Why is AMDA12 using a QR code and a Google Form for me to pick up my child?

    Our staff is aware of technology being at all of our fingertips and wants to build up an easy way to collect all information for the safety of our students. We want to ensure that any student that leaves this building is safely with a parent or guardian who is registered to pick them up.


    Why are there so many questions on the form?

    Based on our previous system of pickup, we have learned that in the initial stages of school, it is important to know all specific details of our scholars for a safe delivery to their car. As our staff becomes familiar with families, we will need less information on forms. Based on your feedback, we have removed many questions to make our process quicker and easier.


    What do I do if I have multiple children at your school?

    Please write down both of your childrens' names in our "student name" section. You will not need to fill out two separate forms.


    When should I submit my form for pickup?

    We will be closing our QR code throughout the day until 1:30pm to ensure that no parent is completing the form anywhere other than our parking lot. It is mandatory that you park your car along our R-Center to help us keep traffic to a minimum. If you complete the form prior to parking, you will be subjected to remaining in our line until parents who parked first have received their child and can leave. This will cause traffic jams and slow down our pickup process. Please remain in your car at all times and a staff member will promptly come to check your ID.


    If I dropped off my child in the morning, do I need to pick up my child as well?

    Any changes with dismissal procedures will need to be reported to the main office at 585-461-3280   by 12:30. Otherwise your child will be placed on a bus.


    If you have any questions or feedback, please email info@school12.org