• The purpose of the RCSD Code of Conduct is to set standards for student behaviors that promote an environment conducive to learning, safety and order in school.  It is our goal to provide students with a safe and secure learning environment at School #12.  In order to do that, we need to have rules for all members of our community.  Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.
    Code of Conduct Rules for School #12

    1.  Possession of any weapon (real or toy) or incendiary device (firecracker, matches, etc.) could result in an automatic long-term suspension.

    2.  No fighting (real or play) or hitting on school grounds.
    3.  Speak respectfully to others (no swearing, threatening or insulting).
    4.  Stay where adults are in charge.
    5.  Follow the directions of all staff in the school.
    6.  Respect things that belong to others (no stealing, extorting or destroying).
    7.  Follow all safety rules.
    8.  Alcoholic beverages, drugs or cigarettes are not permitted on school grounds.
    9.  All non-instructional items (MP-3 and CD players, electronic games, cell phones, pagers, sports equipment and toys) must be left at home.  School is not responsible for the loss of any of these items.


    Students who violate these areas or procedures will be given consequences.  Please support the school by meeting with administrators/teachers when asked to resolve discipline issues. The rules of the Code of Conduct focus on areas of safety and respect.  
    Students who are found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct could face any of the following consequences:


    ·    Verbal and written warning along with home contact

    ·    Removal from classroom for up to 1.5 hours

    ·    After School Detention

    ·    In school suspension

    ·    Out of school suspension (short term 5 days or less)

    ·    Out of school long-term suspension (more than 5 days)

    ·    Alternative to Suspension Room (for up to 5 days)


    If you would like further details please see the RSCD Code of Conduct or speak to an administrator or the Parent Liaison about this.

    Click here for an overview of the Rochester City School District's Code of Conduct.  En Español
    Click here for a complete copy of the Rochester City School District's Code of Conduct Policy.