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    March Newsletter

    Dear Parents/Guardians Crew Members,

    Good NEWS:

    Congratulations to our Black Scholars and thank you to the BLM Planning Crew for their planning of such wonderful ways to celebrate. Also, if you haven’t already heard, we kicked off a fantastic Elementary Expedition Night. We are so thankful for the hard work and tenacity of our students and staff! Here is the link:

    Report Card, Goal Setting, and Mid-Semester Information:

    Our winter K-8 benchmark assessment (NWEA) will soon be concluding, and report cards have been sent out. Cohort reviews are taking place for 9-12. We are in the process of working as a staff to analyze the data, set goals, and take action. As part of this process, teachers have engaged students in conversations about their performance and areas of success and challenge.  Many students established goals during Student-Led Conferencing and are invested in achieving them. Goal setting gives students long-term vision and short-term motivation. Teachers use multiple measures to determine students’ progress towards the standards, so be sure to ask questions to assess your child’s individual growth based on these measures. Ask how they are doing towards meeting their personal goals.

    Reopening News:

    Thank you to our staff who have been working hard to support a fantastic reopening. We recognize how difficult this time has been for many of you and continue to offer assistance. We need your continued help and support. Since student safety is our number one priority, and is it our collective responsibility to ensure our children are safe. These protocols are put place so that precise tasks are provided for staff supervising dismissal.

    Here are some ways you can assist us as we support safety during dismissal:

    • Please do not drop your child(ren) off early as this creates a situation with buss arrivals as well as creates issue with social distancing. 
    • Arrivals Secondary Gr. 7-12:  7:20 AM.  Arrivals Elementary Gr. K-6 9:00 AM. Please remember child(ren) are to be dropped off in the Scio St parking lot.
    • If you are calling for early dismissal, please contact the school main office by 2:00 PM Secondary Gr. 7-12 and 3:00 PM Elementary Gr. K-6.  We begin releasing, and it is difficult locating students while dismissal is in progress. We need all personnel on deck to ensure safety.
    • Please refrain from parking where designated buses are intended to park. The dismissal location for those being picked up after school is in the back parking loop. This will ensure student safety as University is a bustling street.
    • If you are in an emergency, you are asked to call the main office. If you have alternate dismissal instructions, such as picking your son or daughter up early from school early or need to change dismissal procedures, please send a note in or call in advance of 2:00 pm. This protocol is for both safety, logistical, and instructional purpose, as the end of the school day is a hectic time for all staff.
    • Continue to reinforce mask etiquette and how your children should keep the 6 feet of distance from other students.


    Sports Update:

    Please check out our Sports Page for updated information.


    Recruitment Night: 
    Wednesday, March 3rd at 5:30 PM.  Please join us at THIS Zoom Link  

    Meeting ID: 984 9807 4267         Passcode: 202401


    A 20 minute zoom introduction:

    • Then prospective families and students will explore THIS Google Site 
    • The families will answer questions related to the google site by March 8th 2021 @3pm.
    • The families will be emailed our compact.
    • The families will email a copy of the signed compact back to be considered.


    Upcoming Family Survey:

    In the middle of March, SBPT will be posting a family survey to obtain your feedback on hybrid and remote learning. The survey link will be posted here and on various social media outlets; until then, please feel free to connect with your child’s administrator to support your needs. We know several families are waiting for guidance on the waitlist. We will be communicating directly with you.

    Children receive the best education when we work as a crew. We are committed and look forward to your engagement in our school’s reopening and operation.  Please continue to find ways to support our efforts and help us make your child’s learning experience the best it can be. We believe that together we can achieve great things!

    Dates to Remember:

    Half-Day March 5th: 

    *  Elementary Remote Dismissal- 12:15

    *  Secondary Hybrid Dismissal 11:00 

    *  SBPT Meeting March 11, 2021

    *  Spring Recess March 29 - April 2







    Administrative Team Email:

    T’Hani Pantoja, Principal

    Paul Lampe, Academy Director

    Adrienne Steflik, Assistant Principal

    Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Principal 

    Donna Enright, Athletic Director

    Jessica Flanders, Administrative Community Site Coordinator


    EL Education