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     7 2016-2017         7h 2017-2018
    help I am so proud of the work that was done during our expedition this year!  This makes me so excited for the remainder of the year.  We will begin unit 5, Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities, the last week of March before we head off for spring break.  The main goals of this unit include:
    • Using properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions
    • Adding, subtracting, factoring, and expanding linear expressions with rational coefficients
    • Creating and solving problems involving expressions and equations
    • Creating and solving problems involving inequalities (on hold)
    • Graphing the solution set of inequalities on a number line and interpret in in context (on hold)

    During this unit, we will continue to use weekly homework assignments that will be given out on Mondays and are due on Fridays.

    Please use the homework tab to find assignments due.   
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