Summer of Discovery 2023

  • Through Summer of Discovery 2023 learning experiences, students will develop key competencies, mindsets, and conceptual understandings essential for success in school. These will be cross-curricular, with many cross-grade levels, and all academic and enrichment experiences will contribute to students’ mastery of these.

    The goal of an equity-driven summer learning model is to ensure that all students have access to the same quality of instruction. Equity-driven summer learning models are essential in providing access to quality education for all students and closing the achievement gap. These models focus on providing access to high-quality learning experiences that are engaging and supportive, allowing students to continue their learning during the summer months. They also provide access to enrichment activities and courses that focus on literacy, mathematics, and science, as well as social-emotional learning. These activities will help students become more independent learners and better prepare them for the upcoming school year. Our equity-driven summer learning models also include field trips, hands-on activities, and outdoor exploration that can help build students’ skills and knowledge base.

    Our Vision

    Engaging every student with access to high-quality summer learning opportunities that support year-round learning and well-being. Summer learning programs that blend academic support with enrichment and recreation become an integral part of a student’s educational experience.

    Our Mission
    Provide opportunities and conditions for healing and development, including opportunities to play, explore new skills and experiences, and connect with peers and caring adults. RCSD values community-based programs as integral partners to offer a range of high-quality OST/summer programs to students.