Extended School Year

  • Instructional Design and Curriculum
    The Extended School Year (ESY) program for the Rochester City School District for the summer of 2023 will be held July 10- August 18, 2023. Twelve-month special service and/or programs, also referred to as Extended School Year (ESY) programs, are appropriate for some preschool or school-age students with disabilities who require a structured learning environment to prevent substantial regression. 

    To be eligible for Extended School Year (ESY) program, the committee on special education (CSE) or committee on preschool special education (CPSE) is responsible for determining a student’s eligibility for an ESY program and to recommend the appropriate July and August special education program and/or related services needed to prevent substantial regression.

    For more information about the program and eligibility, please visit our Extended School Year website.

    Student Population
    250 Students in grades K-6, 9-12

    Program Locations
    Site: School #5 (Grades K-6)
    Site: Edison (Grades 9-12)

    Student registration is based on IEP services. If you would like to know if your student has ESY services on their IEP please contact your child's school.