• i-Ready

Summer Learning with i-Ready

  • Did you know that this summer children can sharpen their skills in math and reading by completing i-Ready digital lessons right from home? i-Ready is an online reading and math program that determines students’ needs, personalizes their learning, and monitors their progress.

    During the summer, Kindergarten through 8th-grade students have access to an online summer learning plan that includes digital lessons to reinforce grade-level concepts and skills in both math and reading while also addressing unfinished learning. Students have been using i-Ready throughout the school year, so they already know the program.

    How Students Login:

    Student View:

    • In the student dashboard view, students can switch between Reading and Math.
    • Students can also view their time on task and lessons passed by clicking on the “My Progress” arrow.

    How much time should students spend in i-Ready?

    It is recommended that students complete at least two math and two digital reading lessons each week.

    What is the ideal learning success?

    Students should pass each lesson with a 70% or higher grade. They should try their best! Families, you can also provide support to your children when needed.