Districtwide School Safety Plan

  • The Rochester City School District is committed to the safety and preparedness of its students, staff and its visitors. Our Districtwide School Safety Plan is an all-hazards approach to crisis management and focuses on mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery procedures. 

    The Districtwide School Safety Plan is implemented at the time of an emergency at the direction of the Superintendent and/or her staff. "Incident Commanders" (Principal/designee) implement Building Emergency Response Plans when directed by their respective School Chief, Deputy Chief of Teaching and Learning or the Chief Operations Officer. In the absence of direction from Senior Administration, each Building Incident Commander (Principal/designee) is authorized and directed to implement this plan, or take other action as may be, in her or his judgment, necessary to save lives and mitigate the effects of emergencies.

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    Plan Lan De Seguridad Escolar Para Todo El Distrito >
    (Revised August 15, 2022 /Actualizado el 24 de junio de 2022)

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