Office of Human Capital Initiatives

    Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

    Front Desk: 262-8597 Fax: 295-2603

    Benefits Call Center: 262-8206 Fax: 295-2614

    Chief of Human Capital Initiatives      
    Harry Kennedy     262-8422
    Daisy McFarland, Certification Specialist     262-8583
    Sara Bauza, Position Management Specialist     262-8434

    Supervising Director of Human Capital Initiatives
    Anne Brady     262-8585
    Mary Catherine Walker, Assistant Personnel Analyst     262-8224
    Miriam Lynn Adams, Assistant Personnel Analyst     262-8527
    Barbara Hewa, Receptionist     262-8113

    Customer Service Directors
    Maurice Snipe, Elementary     262-8562
    Pauline Housen, Assistant Personnel Analyst     262-8575
    Employee Benefits      

    Aneli Rivera-Nothnagle, Director

    Jeanette Hansen, Assistant Employee Benefits Technician    
    Marisol Medina, Assistant Employee Benefits Technician     262-8587
    Rebeca Torres, Assistant Employee Benefits Technician     262-8530
    Shannel Soanes, Clerk II     262-8127
    Civil Service      
    Derrick Jones, Director     262-8191
    Gerry Cutaia, Assistant Director     262-8204
    Sandy Perez, Assistant Personnel Analyst, Bilingual     262-8591
    Labor Relations      
    Meghan Lynch Abate, Director     262-8598
    Risk Management      
    Christopher Hoch, Director     262-8320