• English as a New Language (ENL)

    English as a New Language (ENL)

    ENL services help students from other language backgrounds develop English language skills for success in school and beyond graduation. Certified ENL/ESOL teachers offer support in English through academic subjects. Cross-cultural understanding is another important goal of all ENL instruction.

    Students develop English skills through specialized instruction by ENL teachers in collaboration with the rest of their educational program, either as a separate class or within the classroom. ENL services are provided to all English Language Learners in every school in the District. ENL is an integral component of the Bilingual and LEAP programs at all grade levels, K-12.


    Learning English through Academic Program (LEAP)

    LEAP offers support for the simultaneous development of English language proficiency and content-area concepts in English to students whose native language is other than English, through sheltered instruction in English. There are several language groups combined in each LEAP class, with English as the primary means of communication. The program helps students improve their English language skills, build academic knowledge, and make a positive adjustment to school.

    The following schools offer LEAP Programs:

    • John Williams School No. 5
    • The Children’s School of Rochester No. 15
    • Helen Barrett Montgomery School No. 50

    A newcomer program is offered at the Rochester International Academy (RIA) for recently arrived refugee students.  This program is located at the Jefferson Campus.