Bilingual Education Programs

  • Bilingual Education Programs

    Our Bilingual Education programs are researched-based programs compromised of the following instructional components:

    - Language Arts which includes Home and English Language Arts
    - English as a New Language instructional time
    - Bilingual Content Areas

    Our department offers the following programs:

  •  Transitional Program

    This program provides instruction in the student’s native language to help them progress academically, in content areas such as math, science, and social studies, while they acquire English. Instruction in English increases gradually until the student is ready to be transitioned into an English monolingual setting.

    The following schools provide transitional model programs:

    • Martin Luther King Jr No. 9: Grades 1-6 (phase out)
    • Enrico Fermi No. 17: Grades 5-6 (phase out)
    • Pinnacle School No. 35
    • James Monroe High School
    • Bilingual Language & Literacy Academy


    Dual Language Program  

    The Dual Language program helps students achieve bilingualism (the ability to speak fluently in two languages), bi-literacy (the ability to read and write in two languages), cross-cultural competence, and academic proficiency equal to that of students in mainstream programs. The Two-way Dual Language model includes both native speakers of Spanish and native speakers of English. The One-way Dual Language model is composed of students who come from the same home language, Spanish.

    The following schools provide dual-language programs:

    • Martin Luther King Jr No. 9: One-way Dual Language grades K (phase-in)
    • James P.B. Duffy No. 12: Two-way Dual Language
    • Enrico Fermi No. 17: Two-way Dual Language Grades K-4 (phase-in)
    • Abraham Lincoln No. 22: One-way Dual Language
    • Henry Hudson No. 28: One-way Dual Language
    • John James Audubon No. 33: One-way Dual Language grades K-2 (phase-in), Two-way Dual Language grades 3-6 (phase-out)