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    Barbara Deane-Williams,
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  • Rochester City School District Senior Leadership Training and Planning Week Continues

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    Tuesday, July 18- The Senior Leadership training today focused on creating and enhancing departmental goals for the 2017-2018 school yearDistrict Leadership is currently creating and looking at ways to implement evidence and best practice standards-based services.  These services will be culturally and linguistically responsive and relevant.  

    Week-Long Senior Leadership Training
    Superintendent speaking to the leadership group Presentations by leadership team memebers

    Monday, July 17- Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams today launched a week-long training for Senior Leadership, focusing on Equity, Relational Capacity, Innovation, Cohesion in service provision, and Accountability. The sessions are focusing on how to support school improvement, school building by school building.  The role of District Leadership is to support school improvement in graduation, reduce suspensions, and strengthen diversity of hiring. District Leadership is also focused on listening to what schools need and building the capacity by creating robust professional learning.

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