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    The Division of Teaching and Learning  
    Teaching and Learning, which includes managing directors of content areas as well as Intervention Services, Special Education and English Language Learners, is responsible for the academic and instructional needs of the District. The Deputy Superintendent for Teaching & Learning oversees the work of these departments and designs and implements "best practice" instructional systems to ensure the alignment of curriculum, instruction, research, assessment and supporting resources. The focus is to ensure that all curriculum is aligned to the NYS Standards and that all students are prepared for high school graduation and post-secondary education.
    The Division of Teaching and Learning focuses work on the district's core priorities of student achievement, parental, family, and community involvement, effective school and district management, effective, efficient allocation of resources, and improved communication in order promote and establish a culture in which...
    • All employees understand that they are educators and share responsibility for student success.  
    • Every student, staff member, and family in the community is treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.  
    • A rigorous focus on instruction will improve student achievement.  
    • The intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and civic potential of every student is nurtured.  
    • Schools are safe, supportive environments for students and staff members.  
    • Data informs and drives decisions and accountability. 
    • We hold high ethical standards of professionalism and integrity, guided by the New York State Educator Code of Ethics.  
    • Building relationships with families and the community is valued and promoted.  
    To contact the Division of Teaching and Learning, call our office today at 585-262-8584.  For questions about a specific subject-area or department, please choose from the links to the left.  
    Teaching and Learning