2021-22 Board Goals and Metrics

  • 1. Improve the Financial Condition of RCSD
    Working through the Finance, Policy and Audit committees using quantitative measures, and in concert with the Superintendent , the RCSD BOE will achieve this goal by:

    • Reviewing and updating current RCSD policies 
    • Establishing budget parameters and priorities for cost efficiencies and equity for the 2022-2023 school year budget
    • Adopting a Balanced Budget for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year that ensures the replenishment of a healthy District Fund Balance (Policy 6500)
    • Maximizing and increasing revenues and improving efficiencies to improve the District's financial position

    2. Increase Academic Achievement
    Focusing on increased graduation rates, attendance, achievement across all student groups, and access to rigorous course work, the RCSD BOE will work in conjunction with the Superintendent through the ESA, Policy and Governance committees to achieve this goal by:

    • Establishing and annually monitoring the RCSD Strategic Plan with an emphasis on improved academic outcomes and key performance indicators
    • Annually reviewing various metrics for student success as provided by the Superintendent of Schools
    • Evaluating a study of K-12 curriculum areas to ensure districtwide equity, quality and consistency
    • Responding to incomplete learning and supporting early intervention

    3. Increase Equity for All Students
    With an equity and advocacy perspective, using both qualitative and quantitative data, the RCSD BOE will work in conjunction with the Superintendent through the CIGR, Policy and Finance Committees to achieve this goal by:

    • Evaluating a study on community partnerships to ensure quality and return on investment and respond to proposed policy changes to provide consistent oversight moving forward.
    • Conducting a review of District Placement practices from an equity perspective to assure that all schools provide the same capacity (per pupil spending, staffing, facilities) for equity, with the intention to develop a process for approval by the entire BOE for any recommended changes to be implemented by the 2022-2023 school year.
    • Advocating at all levels for adequate funding (local, state, and federal levels) and develop a clear annual legislative agenda
    • Improving the equity of school funding and resourcing in budget year 2022-23
    • Refining our hiring practices to recruit and retain employees that are representative of the diversity of our school district and increase employees of color in all areas especially in instructional, administrative, leadership, and managerial areas


    Adopted in part 10/5/2021 & 10/12/2021