2022-23 Board Goals and Metrics

    1. Improve the Financial Condition of the RCSD
      • Establish a Board process for the inclusion of participatory budgeting in the 2023-2024 budget cycle.
      • Adopt Board budget priorities by the December 1 Board Work Session.
      • Establish a comprehensive and inclusive budget process for 2023-2024 and adhere to approved timelines.
      • Ensure that actual total revenues for 2023-2024 do not exceed the budget by more than 1%.
      • Ensure that actual total budgeted expenditures for 2023-2024 do not exceed more than 1.5% of the total budget.
      • Approve phase 3 of the Facilities Modernization Program (FMP). Modify the Managed School Choice Policy to better align District financial resources.


    1. Increase Academic Achievement
      • Increase ELA/math proficiency for students in grades 3-8 utilizing District-approved curriculum resources and materials.
      • Increase college and career readiness through the comprehensive implementation of the Course Catalog for students in grades 7-12.
      • Increase understanding of student achievement data and trends through quarterly Board work sessions.
      • Increase Board participation in annual curriculum selection and review processes.
      • Reduce the number of unqualified CSE initial evaluation referrals through the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework by 15%.
      • Increase the percentage of on-time completion of evaluations and CSE meetings to 95% to achieve compliance with the Consent Decree.
      • Achieve a 95% completion rate of ELL transition plans documented in the Student Management System to support student transition to the receiving school.


    1. Increase Equity for All Students
      • Increase staff participation in professional learning opportunities centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion by 35%.
      • Establish a three-year comprehensive District Equity Plan with clear benchmarks, metrics, and actions by providing timely feedback when requested.


    1. Ensure a Positive School Climate by Assuring School Safety in All Schools
      • Align appropriate resources to ensure a safe school environment utilizing Crisis Go data, including lockdowns, lockouts, and other safety-related incidents.
      • Reduce long- and short-term suspensions by 10% to move to compliance with the recommendations from the New York State Office of Attorney General (OAG) and the Consent Decree.
      • Implement recommendations received from the NYS Center for School Safety audits and allocate resources as needed.
      • Double the provision of the School Climate Survey and increase participation across the District by 25%. Utilize survey results to appropriate funding for recommendation implementation.
      • Ensure 100% participation of all coordinators of the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) annual compliance training for proper reporting of bullying, intimidation, and harassment; and increase knowledge of how to support DASA complaints in buildings.
      • Increase the number of school personnel trained in the use of restorative practices through District professional learning opportunities by 25%.


    *Adopted 9/22/2022