Student Equity and Placement

Joseph Capezzuto
Director of Student Placement

Email | Phone: 585-262-8346

Enid Dejesus-Lopez
Director of Transition Systems

Email | Phone: 585-262-8176


Wayne Kittelberger
Director of Transportation

Email | Phone: 585-336-4181

Brenda Rodriguez-Ellison
Program Administrator

Email | Phone: 585-336-4181

Safety Concerns

Lori Baldwin
Director of Security Operations

Email | Phone: 585-262-8600

Dan Betancourt
Supervisor of Safety and Security

Email | Phone: 585-262-8616

Special Education Programs & Services

Kisha Morgan
Interim Director of Special Education

Email | Phone: 585-262-8481

Mary Marone
Frontline IEP Helpdesk

Email | Phone: 585-262-8315

Bilingual Programs & Services

Abel Perez Pherett
Exec. Director of Multilingual Education

Email | Phone: 585-262-8270

Sherley Flores
Director of Bilingual Education

Email | Phone: 585-262-8203

Superintendent's Office

Fatimat Reid
Chief of Staff

Email | Phone: 585-262-8329