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    Office of School Innovation Focus

    The RCSD Office of School Innovation focuses on providing school intensive supports and innovation, through the coherence framework, among District departments and schools for responsive collective action to support students, staff and families.   At the District level examples of that work include the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP) process and the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) process.

    Aligned directly with the School Chiefs, the Office of School Innovation team works to implement and monitor school improvement strategies, the use of data and mandated accountability processes to ensure equitable supports and opportunities for all students.  

    The OSI team monitors the planning and use of grant funding to support school improvement strategies and innovation within the District.  These grants include, but are not limited to School Improvement Grants (SIG), School Improvement Funds (SIF), Title I, Persistently Struggling Schools Grants (PSSG), Socio-Economic Integration Grants (SES), 21st Century, and Expanded Learning. 

    Additionally, the Office of School Innovation works to build coherence through collaborative relationships with District teams, collective bargaining units, schools, families, community organizations and students to support the implementation of school and District improvement strategies and projects.  Some of these strategies or supports include Restorative Practices, Expanded Learning, Summer Learning, Community Schools, in-kind Strategic Partnerships, Expeditionary Learning, and the continued support of District transformation.