• RCSD Goals for 2019-20

  •    Continue to focus on increased graduation rates, accelerating progress all across the board.
      Goal 1  Achieve a 5% increase in the graduation rate between August 2019
       and August 2020.

    Focus on accelerating progress in reading and math in our classrooms. 
    Goal 2  Increase student proficiency in ELA and Math by 7% by August 2020.

    The RCSD will no longer be one of the lowest performing school districts in New York State.  The District must act with urgency to take over top spots in special education, close achievement gaps, and reduce disproportionality.
    Goal 3  Reduce the disproportionate special education classification of students of color and the disproportionate  suspension of students of color by 1.5% by 2020; while also increasing the enrollment of students of color in advanced coursework by 5% by June 2020.

    Chronic absenteeism rates in Rochester are staggering. Children who attend school every day read four times better by third grade than their peers with lower attendance. Being absent just two days a month adds up to missing half a year of school by the fourth grade. The District remains focused on students being in school every day.
    Goal 4  Reduce chronic absenteeism by 5% by June 2020.

    What are the best ways to engage parents and families in the RCSD? The District will work this year with all stakeholders and other constituents to define family engagement.
    Goal 5  In order to better define parent/family engagement by June 2020, we will ensure there is an active Student Leadership Group in all high schools and that all schools will meaningfully engage families in the School-Based Planning Team process, in accordance with the School-Based Planning Team manual.

    The District is addressing the current budget deficit.
    Goal 6  Achieve and maintain fiscal stability by implementing a plan that will put the District on secure financial footing.