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  • Expanded Learning Opportunities
    Expanded Learning Opportunities is defined as engaging, creative learning activities that enhance students’ social, emotional, physical, and academic development through exploration, inspiration, and discovery of their own passions for continued growth.

    These opportunities assist with improved achievement in areas of student growth, attendance, and better student/teacher relationships.

    Expanded Learning Opportunities is one of the District’s top priorities in order to improve student outcomes and success. The Department of Expanded Learning Opportunities manages the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, Empire State After School Grant, and the  Expanded Learning Time Grant. We coordinate longer school days, summer learning and afterschool programming.

    Increased student instructional/enrichment time is currently provided in a variety of ways in Rochester

    • Lengthening the school day
    • After School Programs
    • Summer Learning Opportunities
    • Winter and Spring Break Programming

    What does research say about Expanded Learning Opportunities?

    Research reveals participants in high quality expanded learning opportunities demonstrate

    • higher levels of overall school engagement, work quality, and grades
    • improved attendance
    • better work habits
    • lower dropout rates

    Non-academic outcomes include

    • improved self-esteem
    • improved physical and mental health
    • reduced incidence of antisocial behavior, sexual activity and crime

    Our proposed approach features

    • strong partnerships with at least one community organization
    • incorporation of support services
    • programming including adult learning
    • extended hours and days to provide teachers more time to work with students as well as more time to prepare for class

    All of these features should result in higher levels of achievement for all students.

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  • Kelly Bauman Director of Expanded Learning
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    Email kelly.bauman@rcsdk12.org

    Rochester City School District
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