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    Our after-school programs provide a safe environment with engaging hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. All after-school programs provide planned activities, which include a combination of homework assistance, games, arts and crafts, STEM sessions, and physical gross motor activities. Community partnerships assist schools and families in offering meaningful and culturally responsive sessions that actively support a child's development in learning. We are excited to be a recipient of the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant and the Empire State After School Grant. 

    2021-2022 After School Programs  


    Our community partners offer additional programs. Please contact them directly for registration and enrollment information. 


    Community Partner After School Programs

    We collaborate with many community agencies to offer after-school programming. Due to covid-19, the list provided may not be fully accurate however those agencies listed may offer additional support in other areas. 

    List of After School Programs Partners Provide

     21st Century Community Learning Center Grant21st cclc Grant


    Other recipients of this grant through community agencies are Schools No. 2No. 16, and No. 45 

    For access to the full grant evaluation for 2019-2020 programming at schools No. 9 and 22 please contact Kelly.Bauman@rcsdk12.org. A summary is provided below of the evaluation that was provided and conducted by The Bronner Group. 


    The Bronner Group Evaluation of 21st cclc grant 2019-2020

    The Bronner Group Evaluation of 21st cclc grant 2020-2021