• PTC Information

    Our Mission:

    Through our communication with World of Inquiry administration and families, the Parent Teacher Crew will assist our "Crew" of students and teachers in achieving academic excellence, while developing a strong sense of community. We realize this mission by continued support of our school through collaborative volunteering, fundraising, and by honoring the Model Citizen Crew Pledge as set forth by World of Inquiry School.


    Our Officers:



    Treasurer: Alicia Rogers

    Volunteer Coordinator: 



    World of Inquiry Parent Teacher Crew Goals and Objectives:

    The PTC aims to achieve our mission by obtaining excellence among the following goals::

    - Volunteer

    - Fundraising

    - Communication between home and school

    - Supporting our students, teachers and families

    - Building a strong school community


    Visit the PTC website at https://www.facebook.com/groups/324678494279878/