School #12 focuses on positive behavior.  Each month we use Character Pillars to focus on a new character theme(s).  Each month features different character themes and popular books and authors tied to these themes are used to bring the themes to life.  The stories are read in the classrooms and followed by engaging student discussions and activities to deepen student understanding.  The purpose of this program is to encourage good citizenship in our whole school community.


    At home, please ask questions about the themes and activities and your child’s understanding of them.  Expect to hear about a different theme and activities for each month.


    The Character Pillars of Education


    TrustworthinessA person who trusts himself and his team; in their abilities and limitations with respect and dignity.

    A Trustworthy Person:

    • Tells the truth
    • Does the right thing even if it's not popular
    • Shows commitment, courage, and self discipline
    • Keeps promises
    • Stands by, supports, and protects family, friends, and community
    • Seeks advice and/or assistance of an adult when challenging decisions or in a dangerous or troublesome situation
    • Returns what was borrowed

    Responsibility- A person who exhibits responsibility in all venues of his/her activities and competition.

    A Responsible Person:

    • Thinks before acting
    • Considers consequences of actions
    • Thinks for the long term
    • Is reliable and accountable
    • Accepts the consequences of personal actions or failures to act
    • Sets a good example for others
    • Strives for excellence and never gives up easily
    • Uses self restraint
    • Acknowledges making a mistake
    • Reports harmful or hateful behavior to a trustworthy authority figure

    Caring- A person who shows compassion and empathy for those around him/her and lends a hand where needed.

    A Caring Person:

    • Is compassionate
    • Treats all people with kindness
    • Possesses an ability to empathize with fellow human beings
    • Lends a helping hand to those in need
    • Expresses gratitude
    • Forgive others

    Respect- A person who respects self, property of others, and environment. He/she is courteous, polite, and considerate.

    A Respectful person:

    • Tolerates views and beliefs that differ from personal views and beliefs
    • Follows the Golden Rule
    • Supports and contributes to healthful habits and safe environments for self and others
    • Is courteous and polite
    • Is considerate of the feelings of others
    • Appreciates and honors diversity

    Fairness- A person who practices fair play in following rules, taking turns, and sharing; he/she is just and open minded.

    A Fair Person:

    • Takes turns and shares
    • Plays by the rules
    • Treats others the way he or she would like to be treated
    • Makes decisions that affect others only after consideration
    • Listens to others
    • Doesn't take advantage of others
    • Is open minded
    • Understands the difference between justice and vengeance


    Citizenship- A person who plays by the rules, does his/her share of the work and cooperates.

    A Person of good Citizenship:

    • Plays by the rules
    • Obeys laws and rules
    • Does his or her share of the work
    • Stays informed
    • Cooperates
    • Protects the environment and conserves resources
    • Respects authority
    • Pays taxes