• All teachers and support staff can be reached at:
    School #12
    999 South Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14620 
    phone:  585-461-3280
    fax:  585-935-7412
    We make every effort to maintain a quiet and uninterrupted learning environment. To help achieve this, we do have a voice mail system.  To leave a message directly for your child’s teacher during regular school hours, when you hear the School 12 greeting, key in the four digit extension for the classroom.  The extension is the room number.
    Parents are also welcome to e-mail teachers.  The e-mail address is the teacher's first name followed by a dot and then their last name followed by @rcsdk12.org.  So Jane Smith's email would be jane.smith@rcsdk12.org.
    Many teachers also have their own webpages which can be accessed by clicking here.