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    Thank you for finding my website.  In the links on the right hand side bar you will find various forms and information about the School 12 band program. 
    Students who are eligible to participate in the School 12 Instrumental Music Program must be in either 4th, 5th or 6th grade.  All students must own their own instruments or rent an instrument from either a music store or from the Rochester City School District.  Please see Mr. Dennis if you are interested in renting a school instrument.  There is a limited supply of instruments and not all instruments may be available.  If you child is interested in playing percussion (drums) you must purchase your own drumsticks and practice pad. 
    Students receive instrumental instruction during the course of a school day in way of pull out lessons.  Lesson last one half hour a piece and rotate through out the day on a week to week basis.  Students are responsible for remembering their lessons as well as any work they miss in their general classroom.  Please see the attached schedule on the side bar for your own child's lesson time.
    Dancing Saxophone Player

    Mr. Todd Dennis
    Instrumental Music Teacher
    James P.B. Duffy School #12
    999 South Avenue 
    Rochester, NY 14620
    phone:  585-461-3280,  
    fax:  585-935-7412