• The Digital Solutions 1 (DS1)
    In this course, students will learn about a variety of technology content related to the teaching and learning that occurs in the RCSD.  The lessons will broaden students perspective with respect to digital learning, and provide students will have the opportunities to receive feedback and share insight.
    Course Description:
    The DS1 course is a hands on study of technology integration in an educational context.  Students will be required to assess problem sets throughout the day and define the best approach to addressing or solving those problems.  In addition to solving problems for students and teachers, students will be required to complete and maintain several running projects that address problems or solutions in educational technology integration. The course also asks students to have a prior understanding of Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows OS, and Apple OS.  
    The long-term learning targets for this course are:
    • I can learn the technology tools and resources used by RCSD students and teachers.  
    • I can create media that communicates information and an effective use of Instructional Technology.