• Payroll Pick-up

    Luxer Lockers Guide


    Come pay day, the normal process is to either receive your check in the mail, if you don’t have direct deposit, or have your funds deposited to your account with no paper stub. This is the normal process and is not changing at all.

    However, there are times when there are exceptions. When an off-cycle payroll is needed due to missed or unapproved hours, late adjustments or bounced direct deposits. In these cases, the best and fastest way to get these checks is to pick them up directly at the Central Office. Please note: We cannot pull your regular paycheck for pickup in the lockers.


    Luxer Lockers Guide:

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    The Payroll Pickup Luxer Locker is located at 131 W. Broad St., C.O., to the left of the guard station,1st floor near elevators. These lockers are how you can securely pick up any checks or other sensitive materials from Payroll at your leisure.

    1. When and if there is something for you, you will receive an email from Luxer One (Support@Luxerone.com).

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    If we have your cell phone number, in addition to receiving an email, you may also receive a text message from Luxer with the same code.

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    A unique, 6-digit Luxer access code number will be generated and included in the email and/or text message.


    1. To retrieve your document or check, tap Begin Pickup on the Luxer One touch screen.

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    1. Enter the 6-digit Luxer access code number you received in your email/text and click Go.

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    1. You will be asked to sign. Please use your finger to sign and click Done.

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    1. The locker containing your documents or checks will open.

    Retrieve them and please close the locker afterwards.