• Payroll Frequently Asked Questions


    Question: How do I start/stop or change my direct deposit?

    Answer: Fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization form. You can email it to Payroll@RCSDK12.org, fax it to 585-877-9787 or leave it in our secure drop box in the central office to the left of the guard station when you first enter.

    You MUST include either a voided check for the account you wish to set up or a letter from the bank on letterhead stating your name and the routing number and account number.

    There are two other things to note:

    The first check *after* you have submitted your authorization form will still be produced as a physical, paper check.

    You may have one split direct deposit as long as it is with Advantage Federal Credit Union.

    *These two restrictions will be going away in the near future, but they are still in place for the time being, so be mindful of that.


    Question: How do I submit time? What do I do about this “URL ERROR” message sometimes get when I try to submit or approve time?

    Answer: If you are getting a “URL ERROR” message, you are not accessing the timesheets through the proper system. Below are instructions on how to access it through the proper pages.


      • Navigate to   A close up of a folderDescription automatically generated   and then   A logo of a companyDescription automatically generated


      • Click on the Human Resources tab.

    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

      • Select Human Resources 9.1

    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

      • If you see “Oracle” at the top of the screen, you’re in the correct section.


      • Click Self Service

    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated  

      • Then Time Reporting

    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

      • Finally, Timesheet

    A screenshot of a reportDescription automatically generated

      • Enter your hours on the days worked. Take note of the days listed and click the “Previous Week” or “Next Week” buttons to navigate between weeks. If you need to list time as something other than regular (such as sick time), choose the appropriate option from the Time Reporting Code. If you have several different types of time, put each type on its own line. You can click the + button to add additional lines if you need more than the three provided. Don’t forget to hit the submit button when you are done with your timesheet.

    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated


    How do I see my time off used/accumulated?

    On the same screen, click the Leave Balances drop down to see your current balance.

    A blue and white rectangular objectDescription automatically generated


    Question: What do I do if I did not receive my paycheck?

    Answer: If you are receiving a direct deposit, you will not receive a physical, paper, check stub.

    Keep in mind that if this is the first pay period after submitting a new or changed direct deposit authorization form, that check will be a physical one mailed to you. Checks are mailed out normally on Wednesday to be delivered by Friday (On normal 5 day weeks. Federal holidays can impact the arrival date of paper checks, but it normally errs on the side of coming sooner rather than later than normal.


    If you were expecting a physical check and did not receive one, or have a confirmed direct deposit on file and did not receive a deposit into your account, please email the payroll department at Payroll@RCSDK12.org


    Question: How do I get a copy of my paycheck?

    Answer: If you need a rundown of your check, go here:

    Here, you can see a rundown of your past checks. To get full details, click the check date.

    A screenshot of a paycheckDescription automatically generated

    If, after clicking the date, you do not get a pop-up, check to make sure your browser isn’t blocking pop-ups. You may need to manually allow it. This is based on your individual browser settings.


    Question: Can you tell me how much my check is going to be before pay day?

    Answer: No. However, *some* banks will deposit the funds sooner than Friday and that is 100% up to the bank in question and RCSD has no control over which banks will do that.


    Question: How do I change my 403B elections?

    Answer: You need to log onto www.omni403b.com to make any changes to your 403B elections, including stopping it.


    Question: How do I change my tax withholdings?

    Answer: For federal withholding, Click Payroll and Compensation, then here: A close-up of a computer screenDescription automatically generated

    For State Withholding, you need to fill out a form IT-2104 and submit that to the Payroll department. You can fax it to 585-877-9787 or drop it in the secure drop box to the left of the guard station in the central office.

    Please note: The Payroll department cannot provide legal tax advice. Please consult your accountant or tax preparer for specific questions about what elections you should make on your tax forms.