• Travel Department    

    Important Notes:

    1. Please read the district's Travel Procedures prior to booking, entering expenses, or mileage/parking. These procedures outline everything you need to know, including: general guidelines; required approvals; required documentation; ineligible costs; allowable meal reimbursements and our current per diem rates; transportation; and consequences of fraudulent activity.
      1. Reimbursements are processed separately from payroll. Concur Request/Expense Report Workflow
    2. Please also ensure that if you are booking a NYS Hotel, you provide them with a NYS Tax Exemption Certificate as our district is tax exempt from hotels in NY.
    3. Executive Travel Procedures can be found here

    Direct Travel and Concur

    The district currently uses a third party travel agency: Child Albany Travel(Direct Travel).  All commercial travel arrangements should be made through this agency using the online Concur travel software. If you are connected to the district’s network, you can use your district ID and password to log on using the ROConnect single sign application to access Concur. If you have never used Concur before, you may not have an account. Similarly, if you are unable to login or your account does not show the Travel/Expense tabs, your account may be inactive. To gain or regain access to Concur, please contact the Purchasing Department purchasingdept@rcsdk12.org and provide them with your name, address, phone number, and employee ID number (if you do not have an employee ID, you will not be granted access to Concur).

    Conferma Pay

    A virtual credit card system known as Conferma Pay went live on January 30th 2023 and our Direct Travel Agents are ready to assist you. Prior to booking travel, travelers must download the Conferma Pay app to their phones and set up their accounts. Our Travel Agency works with Conferma on setting up the virtual pay program which links virtual credit cards at the time of the hotel bookings made via Concur. When booking, Conferma creates a virtual card for each traveler and each of their hotel bookings for those specific dates and hotels.  A unique card is then created for each booking which reduces the potential for fraud. Travelers can download the Conferma app to their cellphones, so if the front desk agent asks for the card, the traveler can present that specific virtual card right in the palm of their hands. For conferences, travelers will still need to work closely with our travel agency in order to obtain special rates. The virtual card cannot be used by any vendor other than that hotel for the amount established in the booking and guests will still be responsible for any incidentals. 


    Helpful Resources:

    Helpful Videos: 

    In-District Mileage:

    All requests for reimbursement of mileage and parking within Monroe County should be submitted on a monthly basis via an expense report within the Concur travel software.  Please watch the videos above if you are stuck.


    • Departure Date would be the first day of travel
    • Return Date would be the last day of travel
    • Location of the trip would be Monroe County


     Any monthly mileage and parking reimbursements within Monroe County must be charged to an in-district travel budget. If your department has not set up a budget for in-district mileage, please select the following budget when creating your Concur expense report:


    • Account = 5424
    • Fund = A
    • Organization/Department = Org/Department (Emp default)
    • Program = 9089
    • Subclass = 1905

    More videos and tips can be reached at the Concur Training ToolKit and the SAP Microlearning pages.


    Concur Admin: concur@rcsdk12.org or 585-262-8710

    Concur Support:

    Phone Support is available 24/7 at (877) 901-4960

    Live Chat is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at www.concursolutions.com. To get to chat, users must click on the Question Mark in the top right corner of your screen and then "Chat with Live Agent."


    Child Albany Travel:

    Phone Support is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at (800) 245-8459.

    After Hours Service can be contacted for emergencies at (800) 245-8459 option 8.

    Email Support Submission is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at cttravel@dt.com