• Travel Department




    Travel Requirements

    Travel arrangements should be made following these guidelines in the most efficient cost effective manner possible. It is the responsibility of the authorized approvers to review expenses to ensure that they are reasonable, and funds have been used in an appropriate manner.

    Prior to making any travel arrangements, you must request the department manager’s approval to appropriate the needed funds, and a travel budget code must be created and available for use.


    Required Approvals

    Concur travel software electronically routes travel requests and expense reports to the appropriate managers for their required review and approval.

    • All out of district general operating fund (“A” fund) travel must be pre-approved by a Rochester City School District Superintendent.

    • All District travel expenses must be approved by the traveler’s department manager.

    • All Grant funded travel expenses must be approved by the applicable grant manager.

    • Student travel must meet all pre-requisites specified in Superintendent Regulation 4400-R before any arrangements are made.


    Authorized Travel Agency

    The District utilizes a contract for preferential rates on travel services with Direct Travel.  All commercial travel arrangements should be made through this agency using the online Concur travel software.

    The Concur travel software can be accessed at: www.concursolutions.com.  The log in User Name is your District email address, and the default Password is welcome.  You will be directed to reset your password when you log in for the first time.

    • User Name = firstname.lastname@rcsdk12.org
    • Password = welcome

    If you are connected to the District’s network, you can use your district ID and password to log on using the Concur single sign aplication found on the intranet applications page here.

    You must be connected to the District’s network to acces the District’s travel procedures, training documentation, and videos for Concur.  They are located on the Accounting Intranet site here.  Please review them prior to booking your trip.

    Click here to register for the Concur Training Webinar. Additional training can be accessed within the Concur Training site.  Once signed in, look for the HELP tab on the top right of the website.  Click on HELP and click TRAINING.  Please watch the following videos prior to booking your trip.

    Required Documentation of Expenses 

    Any business related travel expenses must be substantiated with detailed receipts, invoices, and any other documentation to support travel costs.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to submit a Concur business expense report for all travel expenses incurred by the District.  The required documentation must include a copy of the registration form and/or agenda that provides detail on the content of the conference (i.e. dates, location, cost, and meals included).

    New York State Hotels

     New York State Hotels are tax exempt.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that the district is not charged tax.  The traveler must fax or email a completed NYS Tax Exemption Certificate to the hotel prior to your trip, take a copy of the tax exempt certificate with you, and confirm tax exemption upon checkout.  Expense Reports containing hotel bills with NYS sales tax included will be returned to the traveler for resolution.


    Meal Reimbursements 

    A District employee traveling outside of Monroe County on official business for an extended period of time can be reimbursed using the per diem method for meals.  No reimbursement shall be made for meals (i.e. breakfast, including continental breakfast, lunch, or dinner) if they are included as part of the conference and/or conference registration fee. 

    The District will reimburse the cost of meals up to $41 a day, including gratuities.  Receipts are not required for submission for meal reimbursement using the per diem method.  Meal reimbursements must be substantiated by travel itinerary times in accordance with the district per diem schedule ($7 Breakfast, $11 Lunch, $23 Dinner).


    In-District Mileage 

    All requests for reimbursement of mileage and parking within Monroe County should be submitted on a monthly basis via an expense report within the Concur travel software.  Please watch Creating a New Expense Report and Entering Personal Car Mileage on the Concur training site.

    • Departure Date would be the first day of travel

    • Return Date would be the last day of travel

    • Location of the trip would be Monroe County


     Any monthly mileage and parking reimbursements within Monroe County must be charged to an in-district travel budget. If your department has not set up a budget for in-district mileage, please select the following budget when creating your Concur expense report:

    • Account = 5424
    • Fund = A
    • Organization/Department = Org/Department (Emp default)
    • Program = 9089
    • Subclass = 1905

    Concur Support

    Phone Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (866) 793-4040.

    Online Submission is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at www.concursolutions.com. Users can enter the support portal by logging into Concur with their existing credentials clicking on the Contact Support option in the Help menu in the upper right-hand corner of Concur.  Once in the end-user support portal, users must click “Create a Case”.

    Live Chat is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at www.concursolutions.com. To get to chat, users must click on the Contact Support option within the Help menu of your Concur Program and then "Chat with support."


    Child Albany Travel

    Phone Support is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at (800) 245-8459.

    After Hours Service can be contacted for emergencies at (800) 245-8459 option 8.

    Email Support Submission is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at cttravel@dt.com.