Vendor Information

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    Vendor payments are processed with the submission of an invoice by the vendor directly to the Rochester City School District's Accounts Payable department. Invoices must not be sent to the schools, or any other departments/RCSD locations.In an effort to ensure timely payment of invoices, all invoices must at a minimum have the following information.
    1. Invoice Number
    2. Invoice Date
    3. Invoice Amount
    4. Purchase Order Number and/or Budget Codes
    5. Description of Good/Services Provided
    6. Shipping Destination (location where goods were shipped or services were provided)
    To view a sample invoice, click the hyperlink below: 

    Vendor Payment Terms


    The Rochester City School District offers two payment options for invoices; (1) credit card via our VISA ePayables program, or (2) paper check.  Payment terms for VISA ePayables payments are net-25 days.  Terms for traditional paper check payments are net-45 days.  We encourage all vendors to enroll in our VISA ePayables program for fast, efficient receipt of payment.

    Payment Policies
    Rochester City School District is exempt from Sales Tax.
    •  The United States government; an agency or political subdivision of the United States government or New York State; or a New York State agency, authority, or political subdivision establishes its right to exemption through the issuance of a governmental purchase order or other appropriate proof that the sale is to the government. New York State Publication 750,  A Guide to Sales Tax
    • Payment policies prohibit the payment of any late fees or finance charges accrued on an invoice or vendor statement.
    • The Accounts Payable department will only process valid invoices against purchase orders, or internal claim vouchers with valid account information. Invoices that do not have valid purchase order information will be returned to the vendor.
    • All invoices received for payment must be approved by the requestor of the goods/services. Once the approval is electronicly obtained, all claims for payment are submitted and reviewed by the Claims Audit Department.
    • Payments are sent in the United States Postal Service by 1st Class Mail.
    Vendor Processing
    Vendors must be set up on the RCSD's vendor file, which is maintained by our Purchasing Department.

    To activate your organization as a Rochester City School District vendor, please contact our Purchasing Department