• 2014-15 District Budget

Adopted Budget

Draft Budget

  • The Superintendent's Proposed Draft 2014-15, including an Executive Summary and District Profile. Submitted March 24, 2014 to the Board of Education.
    Changes to the Draft Budget
    Revenue and spending adjustments approved by the Rochester Board of Education on May 8, 2014. 
    Superintendent's Presentation
    Dr. Bolgen Vargas' presentation of the Draft Budget Proposal to the Rochester Board of Education on March 24, 2014.
    Advisory for the Superintendent's Presentation to the Rochester Board of Education on March 24, 2014.
    Dr. Bolgen Vargas' presentation to the Rochester Board of Education outlining a projection for future financial stability. Presented May 1, 2014.

Planning Process

  • Budget Development Open House Presentation
    This presentation was shared with the community during the series of Public Open Houses for the 2014-15 Budget Process. Presented February 12, 2014.
    A transcript of testimony provided by Dr. Bolgen Vargas before the New York Senate Finance Committee, Assembly Ways and Means Committee, Senate Education Committee, and Assembly Education Committee. Presented January 28, 2014.

    This presentation shared by the Superintendent illustrates the impact of the Governor's Proposed Budget and Charter School Approvals for 2014-15 on Rochester City Schools. Presented January 23, 2014.
    This overview was presented to the Rochester Board of Education, outlining priorities for the upcoming process for 2014-15. Presented December 16, 2013.