The Rochester City School District encourages the participation of Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (M/WBE) and contractors who have demonstrated a commitment to working with M/WBEs.  Competitive bids or quotations shall be solicited in connection with purchases pursuant to law. The General Municipal Law requires that purchase contracts for materials, equipment and supplies involving an estimated annual expenditure exceeding $20,000 and public work contracts involving an expenditure of more than $35,000 will be awarded only after responsible bids have been received in response to a public advertisement soliciting formal bids. Similar procurements to be made in a fiscal year will be grouped together for the purpose of determining whether a particular item must be bid.
    If quotes are needed, requestors are encouraged to solicit 3 quotes, with at least one quote from a NYS certified M/WBE.  M/WBEs can be sourced from: http://www.nylovesmwbe.ny.gov/cf/search.cfm.
    The below attachments are the District's M/WBE brochure and the Board of Education approved purchasing policies.