Purchasing Policy

  • New York State General Municipal Law Section 103 requires the District to competitively bid all District-wide commodity purchases that exceed $20,000 per year.  Consequently, the Purchasing Department processes approximately 150 contracts and contract extensions annually.  The bidding process encompasses a number of procedures that must be followed in order to comply with GML 103.  The procedures are research, specification writing, developing a bidders’ list, bid advertisement, receipt and opening of bids, bid analysis and contract award.  In lieu of bidding, the District may utilize existing NYS, Monroe County, BOCES and Correctional Institutions contracts.
    The District must also comply with New York State General Municipal Law Section 104-b which requires the solicitation of written or verbal quotations for non-contract goods and/or services.  Therefore, three written quotations must be obtained for goods and/or services that total $2,000 or more.  Splitting requisitions in order to avoid obtaining quotations is NOT permitted.
    In addition to the competitive bidding and quotation laws, the Purchasing Department processes Purchase Orders against approximately 7,600 requisitions annually.  Many of the Purchase Orders require change orders.  Requisitions are assigned to buyers according to the commodity. 

    To summarize, all purchases made by the District must comply with District Board approved policies in addition to proper bidding and quotation procedures.  An unauthorized purchase is a confirming order and is strictly prohibited.