• Ethics Guidelines
    The Rochester City School District's Purchasing Department is a member of the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) and as a condition of membership subscribes to the NIGP Code of Ethics.  Regarding District employees' relationship with Suppliers:
    Relationship with the Supplier
    Maintain and practice, to the highest degree possible, business ethics, professional courtesy, and competence in all transactions.  Association with suppliers at lunches, dinners or business organization meetings is an acceptable professional practice enabling the buyer to establish better business relations provided that the buyer keeps free of obligation.  Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that if a seller pays for an activity that the buyer reciprocate.  Purchase without prejudice, striving to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.  Preclude from showing favoritism or be influenced by suppliers through the acceptance of gifts, gratuities, loans or favors.  Gifts of a nominal value that display the name of a firm which is intended for advertisement may or may not be accepted in accordance with the recipients own conscience or jurisdictional rules.  Adhere to and protect the suppliers business and legal rights to confidentiality for trade secrets, and other proprietary information.  Refrain from publicly endorsing products.
    Click here for the link to the complete NIGP Code of Ethics.

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