• Procurement Card Program

    The Procurement Card or P-Card is a specialized credit card that allows authorized District employees to purchase authorized goods and services. The P-Card program is designed to streamline the process for smaller purchases within District purchasing rules and regulations.  Schools and offices are encouraged to take advantage of the P-Card to prevent any disruption of operations from lack of educational and/or business materials. 


    The P-Card differs from other credit cards in that it is issued to the District and not to individual employees.  The account carries certain limitations, such as single purchase transaction limits, billing cycle dollar limits, and prohibited items. The program is set up to allow up to a $2,000 single transaction limit and a billing cycle purchase limit of $10,000. Transactions cannot be split to avoid this restriction and all transactions must be tax-exempt.


    While the Cardholder does not make the monthly payments on the account, they are responsible for completing a quick and easy on-line reconciliation procedure that automatically assists with the selection of the proper District budget code.


    The P-Card process provides significant benefits:


    • Provides an alternate method for purchasing and paying for small dollar goods and services
    • Saves time for District employees
    • Improves the Procurement and Accounts payable efficiency and effectiveness
    • Reduces the number of purchase orders and checks issued
    • Employees are able to reconcile all transactions on-line, including budget line to be charged
    • Twelve payments per year to the partner bank, rather than individual check payments
    • Cards are set-up with many controls including purchase amount limits, specific merchandise category codes (limits potential vendor usage), limits on the number of transactions per day and month
    • Card purchases are declined if the purchase is outside of the District controls set-up

    To apply for a P-Card, contact concur@rcsdk12.org