All City High

All City High

School Information

What Every Family Should Know

  • All City High: Where students come to finish what they’ve started!

Unique Features

    • All City High is a non-traditional, mature young adult high school program that offers students in grades 10-12 who are between the ages of 17-21 years old an opportunity to get caught up on high school credits and in some cases accelerate graduation.  
    • Students are able to learn in a supportive educational environment with teachers and staff that are empathetic to life and academic needs.
    • Classes are offered on a semester-based schedule.
    • Our caring and detailed school counselors review students’ transcripts and develop individualized graduation plans, ensuring that students enroll in the classes they need to meet NYS graduation requirements.
    • Students are able to learn in a small classroom atmosphere with highly qualified teachers.
    • Transition support is offered to all students to help assist you with your post high school goals.
    • Online Credit Recovery (OCR) courses are available and can help you recover credits.
    • Flexible scheduling is available for non-traditional scholar who have adult responsibilities.
    • Scholars have the opportunity to earn a minimum of 10 credits per year.
    • Students who are employed can earn credit for their work experience through GEWEP (General Education Work Experience Program).