Student Enrollment Information

What do I need to enroll a child for school?

  • The Office of Student Equity & Placement would like to provide all parents and guardians with an understanding of the enrollment process at the Rochester City School District.

    Before enrolling, please view our Parent Enrollment Guide below for a list of acceptable documents and proof of residency requirements necessary to enroll a child in the Rochester City School District.

  • Student Enrollment Packet
    There are 6 registration-related forms a parent needs to complete to enroll a child in the RCSD.  These forms are not necessary to complete if you are enrolling online for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten as they are included in the online process. This online enrollment process includes these 6 forms, required documentation uploading, and the appropriate School Selection Application based on your street address. If you choose to complete forms at home or at our Student Placement Office, please contact the Office of Student Equity and Placement for assistance with identifying which zone you reside in. | Download a Student Enrollment Packet

    School of Choice Applications
    If you are participating in the School Choice Lottery, such as for entering kindergartners, you will also be asked to complete a School Choice Application and choose the top 5 schools you would like your child to attend from within your school zone or a citywide offering.  The School Choice Lottery deadline for the 2022-23 school year is April 14, 2022. Students who do not participate in the School Choice Lottery will be placed in a school closest to your home where space is available after the selection process is complete. | More information about the School of Choice Process >

What school zone do I live in?

  • Parents registering for Kindergarten need to know which school zone they live in to choose a school. There are citywide school offerings open to all families.  You can only apply for a school within your zone or a citywide offering. 
    The RCSD also uses School Finder, an online tool that allows a parent or guardian to enter their current street address and obtain a list of what schools are offered to them within their zone. | Visit School Finder now
    The online enrollment process also identifies what zone you reside in as part of the school selection process. If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Student Equity and Placement.