What do I need to register a child for school?

  • The Office of Student Placement & Equity would like to provide all parents and guardians with an understanding of the registration and enrollment process at the Rochester City School District.

    Before registering, please view our

  • Prior to arriving at Central Office, please refer to the documents above to ensure that you have the proper documentation to start the registration process. The first person you will encounter at Central Office is a security aide who will ask for photo identification. If you do not have photo identification, you will still be allowed to sign-in and proceed with the registration process. It is at this time you will be directed to the appropriate office.

    When you arrive at The Department of Student Placement and Equity, a staff member will introduce himself/herself and ask you the purpose of your visit. If you cannot speak English and the District employee who makes first contact you in the Registration Office does not speak your language, the District employee will seek assistance from someone who speaks your native language.

    The District employee will answer any questions that you may have about the registration and enrollment process. If you are coming in to register a child, the District employee will take all of your documents and information to aid in the registration process.

    Registration Forms
    In addition, you will need to fill out 6 other registration-related forms. You may want to print out these forms in your primary language and fill them out at home to save time during registration. If you do, please bring your completed forms when you register your child for school.

    If you are participating in a Schools of Choice process, such as for entering kindergartners, you will be asked to fill out an additional form identifying your choices when you come in. Some of the forms only ask you to fill out one or two lines and provide a signature. If any of the forms seem to be difficult or confusing, we will be happy to help you when you come in. More information about the School of Choice Process >

  • Updated December 2019