• The Multilingual Network is a cluster of schools that serve larger populations of English Language Learners in the Rochester City School District. 

    Our Commitment to Multilingual Learners

    The Rochester City School District serves multilingual learners that speak over sixty languages and are from various ethnic backgrounds. We embrace all multilingual learners as emergent bilingual students. We affirm their cultural and linguistic diversity as an essential practice of high-quality education. We commit to culturally responsive academic and social practices that support graduating each Multilingual Learner as a productive member of a democratic and global society.

Sheltered Instruction Programs

  • The following schools serve large population of students from the following language backgrounds: English, Nepali, Arabic, Somali, and many other languages. Multilingual home school assistants support the connection between families and the school in order to support all students.

    Northeast Zone
    Helen Barrett Montgomery School No. 50

    Northwest Zone
    John Williams School No. 5
    RISE Community School No. 106
    Rochester International Academy

    South Zone
    The Children’s School of Rochester School No. 15

Bilingual Education Programs (Spanish)

  • The Rochester City School District offers three program models for bilingual education at twelve campuses. Bilingual education programs focus on developing students’ ability to speak, listen, read and write in both English and Spanish. Our Two-Way Dual Language Programs also enroll Native Speakers of English who  are interested in learning Spanish alongside Native Spanish speakers.

    Northeast Zone
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community School No. 9
    Abraham Lincoln School No. 22
    Henry Hudson School No. 28
    John James Audubon School No. 33 (Our Two-Way Dual Language Program)
    East EPO

    Northwest Zone
    Enrico Fermi School No. 17 (Our Two-Way Dual Language Program)
    Edison Career and Technology High school
    Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School

    South Zone
    Anna Murray Douglass School No. 12 (Our Two-Way Dual Language Program)
    Pinnacle School 35
    James Monroe Upper
    James Monroe Lower

English as a New Language Programs*

  • Franklin Lower, Franklin Upper, Rochester Early College, & School Without Walls

    *All schools within the RCSD serve English Language Learners.