Rochester City School District Transfer Process

  • Voluntary Transfer Request forms are accepted by the Office of Student Equity and Placement. Transfer requests are granted based upon space availability and a lottery process. Safety transfer requests that are documented by school administrative staff will also be accepted for review by a safety committee and a police report may be required. To ensure a fair and equitable process, student transfers are managed through a lottery process for grades K-6, and secondary transfers are based on the ability to match the student's schedule along with the lottery system.

    Parents will receive notification by mail about the status of all transfer requests.

    Elementary Transfer Forms
    Download a transfer form below based on your child's grade level and school zone.
    Kindergarten through 6th grade:
    Grades 7 and 8 in an elementary building:
    Secondary Transfers

    Secondary school students who wish to transfer can contact the Office of Student Equity and Placement or an administrator at their current school of enrollment to initiate the transfer request.  Contact my School >