Cohort and Grade Designation

  • Key Terms
     is the year in which the scholar begins 9th grade for the first time.
    Grade designation and promotion to the next grade are based upon the number of credits the scholar earned.


    Grades 7 & 8

    Students have the potential to earn 1-3 credits before high school.

    Algebra I, Living Environment, and Spanish IC. Students need to pass the class and the regents exam.

    Grade 9

    5 credits must be earned and minimum of 1 regents passed by the end of the 9th-grade year.

    Grade 10

    Enter with 5 credits earned. Accumulate 11 credits and  2 or more regents passed by the end of the 10th-grade year. 

    Grade 11

    Enter 11th grade with 11 credits and two regents exams passed.

    5 credits must come from the successful completion of core classes (i.e. English, Math, Science, Social Studies, LOTE, Fine Arts, PE, and/or Health). 

    Grade 12

    Enter 12th grade with a minimum of 16 credits and 3 regents passed.

    The scholar must have a schedule to graduate in June of the current school year. This class schedule may include credit recovery classes that are scheduled beyond the normal school day.

     Post-secondary Options

     College, Trade, and/or Career