Rochester College Access Network

  • Need assistance with financial aid? Get help at FAFSA-Thon!

    Rochester College Access Network |

    The Rochester College Access Network launched in April 2013. The mission of this collaborative group is to support college access and success through coordinated communication, coalition and advocacy for students in Rochester to enable students to meet their full potential.

    The group includes representatives from local cster students. This includes presenting special events to help students complete federal financial aid applications, developing this website, publicizing a variety of opportunities for students, and keeping track of key indicators of success. 

    Each year, RCAN partners with RSCD Counselors, the City of Rochester and local colleges to conduct FAFSA Fests. FAFSA Fests provide families in our community the opportunity to obtain professional support and assistance with the completion of Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This year, a FAFSA-Thon will be hosted virtually and more information is forthcoming for students and parents on how to participate at

    FAFSA-Thon Save the Date

    November 14, December 5, January 16 | All dates are from 9:00am - 9:00 p.m.

    RCAN Support for RCSD Students

    'Lunch and Learn' for RCSD seniors. Third Wednesday each month from 12-1 pm. 

    Topics to include:

    • Common App: Getting Started
    • College Essay Confidential 
    • Fund Your Future: Financial Aid
    • We Belong in College: Finding a Good Fit
    • Wait What!?!? SAR, SUNY, PWI, HBCU, COA, CSS...
    • Overwhelmed: What to do next
    • Fund Your Future: Scholarships
    • Fund Your Future: EOP/ HEOP
    • Decoding the Offer Letter 

    Students can text 585-571-RCAN for additional assistance.