College-Readiness Programs

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    Students and their families have access to a variety of programs and experiences to assist them in achieving the goal of college-readiness and post-secondary success:
    • AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, targets self-motivated students in the academic middle (B, C, and D students). Students are prepared for the rigor of college academics by building inquiry-based study skills and are supported in the college application and selection process.
    • Partnerships with area colleges offer pathways to higher education and provide students with opportunities to earn early college credit both in school and on college campuses.
    • The Advanced Placement Incentive Program (APIP) program creates a culture of academic rigor. Beginning in grades 7-8, APIP helps students view themselves as future AP students while developing the skills for AP success.The goal is to prepare all students in grades 7-12 to successfully participate in AP courses, exams, and college-level academics.
    • The Department of School Counseling in cooperation with the Office of Parent Engagement strengthens the link
      between students, families, and high school \ counselors in the college application and selection process. Emphasis is on helping parents and students navigate the college experience, from researching colleges to applying for financial aid.
    For more information, please call the Department of School Counseling at 262-8535.