• Mission

    School Counselors aim to provide a comprehensive, developmentally age-appropriate and sequential school counseling program that is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards and national (ASCA) and state (NYSSCA) standards. School Counselors address the academic, career and social-emotional development needs of students with a global perspective. School Counselors work collaboratively with families, staff, and community partners to prepare students to become effective 21st century learners, achieve success in school, and develop into contributing members of our society.

    It is our vision that every student will acquire the academic and social-emotional skills, post- secondary preparation and career exploration to reach their fullest educational potential.
    Department Statement
    The Rochester City School District's Department of School Counseling serves students in grades K-12. School counselors work with all students, families, and members of the community as an integral part of the educational program. School counseling programs promote school success through a focus on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, and social/emotional and career development. School counselors work to promote student success by closing existing achievement gaps and providing access to a demanding academic program for each student. School counselors ensure that every student benefits directly from the comprehensive school counseling program.
    • To foster student achievement for EVERY student.
    • To implement a school counseling program which is data-driven, proactive, prevention-based, developmentally appropriate and supports school improvement.
    • To promote and enhance the learning process for ALL students.


    "Every child deserves a school counselor."