New York State Graduation Requirements

  • Credit and Regents Expectations per Grade Level

    Credits must align in the following subject areas below.

    Minimum Graduation Requirements

    • 22 credits
    • 5 regents (Score of 65 or better)
    • At least one in regents passed in each core subject area
      • 1 credit is equivalent to 1 period per day for the entire school year
      • 0.5 or 1/2 credit is equivalent to:
        • 1 period every other day for the entire school year or
        • 1 period every day for a semester

    Language Arts

    4 credits



    3 credits

    Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II 


    3 credits

    Earth Science, Living Environment, or Chemistry

    1 must be a Life Science and 1 must be a Physical Science 

    Social Studies 

    4 credits

    Global I, Global II,  US History & Government, and PIG/ECO 


    3 ½ credits


    Physical Education

    2 credits

     0.5 credit each year and students must be enrolled in PE for their first 8 semesters of high school

    Foreign Language

    1 credit


    Fine Arts

    1 credit



    ½ credit


    Total Credits

    22 credits 


    Please refer to NYSED for more information about requirements.

    5 Regents' Exams or a Pathway Option