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    Different Types of Financial Aid

    There are four major types of financial aid: (1) Federal, (2) State, (3) Institutional, and (4) Private.

    • Federal aid includes loans, grants, and work-study.  All federal aid is awarded only after the completion of the FAFSA.
    • State aid includes loans, grants, work-study, scholarships and tuition assistance. In NYS, this is only awared after the completion of TAP.
    • Institutional aid is provided by the college or university itself.
    • Private aid is provided through loans and scholarships.


    What do you have to pay back?

    • All loans you must repay, whether they are federal, state or private.
    • Grants, you do not repay.
    • Scholarships, you do not repay. Please make sure to read any restrictions or limitations on scholarships as they could potentially turn into loans if part of the agreement is not met.


    Federal Student Aid                                                                    

    The FAFSA, Free Applicaion for Financial Aid, can be completed as early as October 1st of a scholar's senior year. The earlier this application is submitted, the greater the opportunity to receve federal financial aid.

    Step 1: Both the student and the parent/guardian need to create a FSA ID prior to starting the FAFSA.
    Step 2: Complete and Submit the FAFSA.
    Step 3: Click on start your state application to continue your NYS application for financial aid.

    FAFSA resources:

    HESC has recources to assist with the FAFSA too.


    New York State Aid

    New York State Aid available to state residents only. HESC, Higher Education Services Corporation, manages TAP which is the New York State Tuition Assistance Program. If you did not complete this via the FAFSA website, click here to complete.


    Excelsior Scholarship

    • In order to apply, student must:
      • Be a resident of NYS
      • Attend a SUNY or CUNY two- or four- year degree program
      • Take 30 credit hours per calendar year (including January and Summer sessions)
      • Plan to live and work in New York following graduation for the length of time they participate in the scholarship program
    • Excelsior Scholarship FAQs