• Naviance is a comprehensive College, Career, and Life Readiness Framework (CCLR) that helps schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

    The research-backed CCLR Framework outlines six competencies that students in grades 6-12 must achieve to become college, career, and life ready. Each competency outlines themes and objectives as well as grade-specific activities. School Counselors use this practical toolkit to create and implement the comprehensive, research-backed CCLR scope and sequence. The scope and sequence are aligned with ASCA standards and hence provide lessons related to academic, social-emotional, college, and career.

    Students in grades 7-12 have access to Naviance's CCLR scope and sequence. Please see the link below to access and log in to the Naviance page.

    Staff Login: https://id.naviance.com 

    Click “Sign in with Naviance ID”
    Username: RCSD Email or Agency Email
    Password: Created password

    Student LoginRoConnect

    Click "RCSD Google Credentials"
    Password: Google password

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Student Journey through Naviance

Naviance Scope and Sequence

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