• What do I need to know about school bus discipline?

    If a student behaves in an unsafe or unacceptable way, an Unsatisfactory Bus Conduct Report will be filled out.  A copy will be sent home to the parent and a copy will go to the School Principal (or Program Administrator if a summer school student).  It is expected that the parent will work with the child to reinforce positive behavior.

    If a child receives a second Unsatisfactory Bus Conduct Report he/she may be suspended from bus transportation.

    The following behaviors are not tolerated by the Rochester City School District and will result in  immediate suspension of transportation privileges.

    • Fighting
    • Injury to another student
    • Threatening behavior
    • Use of a weapon or instrument used as a weapon
    • Inappropriate sexual discussions or behaviors


    Bullying, horseplay, profanity, hitting, pushing, screaming, yelling and any behavior that threatens the safety and well-being of others will be immediately addressed by the driver.  If behavior continues, a disciplinary referral will be sent home and to the school.  If behavior continues or escalates, further disciplinary action may result, including suspension of transportation privileges.