Community Use of Schools

  • Application
    Groups desiring to use school facilities must make application on the Application for Use of School Facilities form. Building Principals must approve applications in advance and submit to the Department of Educational Facilities. Approved applications must be received ten (10) days in advance of the event.
    Insurance Requirement
    Any persons, organizations, or groups using school property must provide proof of insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage and must name the Rochester City School District as an additional insured.
    Building Use Permit
    Once the application is approved by the Facilities Department, a building use permit will be generated. The original permit will be sent to the requestor and a copy will go to the building Custodian. The permit holder must have the permit with them during the event.
    Activities that are not “school-sponsored” will be charged for the use of our facilities according to the Fee Schedule. This cost is to cover labor, heat, light, water, toilet supplies, and clean up.
    Activities that provide a service to the students of the school are considered “school-sponsored” and will be exempt from the Facility Use fees but will be charged for any additional Personnel Costs.

    If an event is cancelled, the permit holder must notify the Educational Facilities Department (336-4047) and the school Custodian at least 24 hours in advance. If proper notification is not given, the permit holder will still be responsible for the additional personnel costs.

    The Superintendent of Schools, or designee, reserves the right to:

    • Revoke any facility use permit, if it is determined that such use is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the facility use permit.
    • Cancel any facility use permit when school or District activities or weather and other emergencies preclude honoring the approved permit.
    • Limit or prohibit the future use of District facilities by an individual or organization which has previously violated the terms of a facility use permit, including non-payment of fees, or whose prior use of District facilities has caused or resulted in damage or destruction of public or private property, personal injury, a breach of the peace, or any violation of law.

    Report on the Use of School Facilities

    Applicants, sponsors, and/or participants are responsible for use of facilities and observance of regulations. The Custodian in charge will report all irregularities on the Report on the Use of School Facilities form.